This page describes projects that may be done by NSCI 111 students of Professor Mattox at FSU for extra-credit.


Eclipse Over America

On the evening of 8/21/17, PBS plans to broadcast a one hour program entitled, Nova, Eclipse Over America. You may watch this program and write a report (at least 1 full page) for up to 10 points of extra-credit.


Foucault Pendulum

You may study the FSU Foucault Pendulum for up to 20 points of extra-credit. The form is here: foucault pendulum extracredit.You should wait until completing your study of chapter 3 before beginning this project. Also, if you are taking the NCSI 111L lab, and your instructor offers the pendulum lab, you should wait until you have completed this lab before beginning this project.



Participate in FSU Astronomy Open House for extra-credit

These events are available to NSCI 111 students as well as FSU Astronomy students. You may invite friends and family to come with you.

Event details are TBD.