This document describes the research interests of Professor John R. Mattox in sustainability, and renewable energy. Last updated 3/16/17.

Mattox is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NCSU, and a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Fayetteville State University, a UNC campus in Fayetteville, NC.

Mattox did research in astrophysics beginning in 1986. Here is bibliography of over 100 publications in astrophysics for which Mattox is an author or co-author. In 2008, motivated by the imminent climate and energy problems that humanity faces, Mattox began to do research in sustainability.

In 2009, Mattox initiated a collaboration between FSU and the FREEDM Systems Center at NCSU, an NSF supported Engineering Research Center that is developing concepts and technology to create a smart-grid. He has been appointed to be FSU’s contact for the FSU- FREEDM collaboration.

Mattox’s interests include:

Use of BSFL to process organic waste.

Digital electricity.

World energy supply and the ramifications of a plateau in conventional petroleum production.

Innovation in energy efficiency and conservation.

Improving the energy efficiency of thermal management in the built environment.

Research on the electrification of transportation – and the utilization of solar power for this.

Research on the collection and utilization of solar heat (for purposes such as domestic hot water).

Research on the extraction of bio-gas from waste organic matter through anerobic digestion. The methane thus produced can power a fuel cell (or Brayton or Rankin cycle turbines, or a reciprocating engine; possibly in the context of a combined heat and power (CHP) application) – or perhaps more appropriately, bio-gas for cooking in a farmhouse kitchen.

Mattox also conducts research in climate change, climate change mitigation, climate change education, and energy education.

He has also worked on:

The problem of sulfation in lead acid storage batteries used for storage of photo-electric power in a mountain cabin – here is a 2009 poster on this.

Potential opportunities for new or enhanced hydroelectric power generation.

Here is a presentation entitled, Energy and the Future of Humanity given at the Recyclique in Durham, NC, on 10/5/12.

Mattox wrote FSU’s report on global warming in 2008 in response to a request from Marc Basnight, President pro tempore of the NC Senate, that each UNC Campus report on this topic.

Here is his energy blog.

You may contact Professor Mattox regarding potential consulting or speaking engagements by phone (910-672-1652), or e-mail (